Customer value in practice

"Sweet exacpe" photo by Yuiizaa September on Unsplash

You’ve probably heard about “customer value” or “added value” and may have wondered what they actually are. They, indeed, sound very important, but in case you have noticed yourself wondering about how to translate that value into something actionable, here’s a tool that may help: Critical To Quality tree (CTQ). CTQ comes from Six Sigma … Read more

A side business works for you

Seomphony - Sidebusinesses - Photo by Todd Diemer

Get yourself a side business. Why? Because nowadays there are multiple ways to set up channels that can generate you additional income, and any of us could certainly use some to fund our hobbies, for example. There’s the initial effort (and sometimes cost) to set them up, of course, but done the right way, these … Read more

Marketing automation 101

Marketing automation by Seomphony - Photo by Jani Brumat

What is marketing automation? Marketing Automation is about automating marketing actions through software. Repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions have already been automated by many marketing departments. The technology of marketing automation is a great way to make these tasks more simple. Since the advent of social media, it has … Read more

How to generate leads in the digital space?

Seomphony - Leads - Photo by Spencer Imbrock

Generating leads is about identifying your potential customers and feeding them to your sales funnel. Now, when I say “sales funnel” I don’t simply mean the process of selling something to someone, because it might be that your reason to be online is to promote a not-for-profit cause. Regardless, generating leads in both cases requires … Read more

Link building is relationship building

Seomphony - Backlinks - Photo by Emre Karatas

Link building refers to the creation of backlinks = links pointing to your site from elsewhere on the internet. Backlinks are a form of off-page SEO. Off-page SEO, in turn, refers to search engine optimization. SEO consists of building quality signals for Google to determine the relevance and quality of your website and its pages. Those … Read more

Customer Journey: the path before them

Seomphony - Customer Journey - Photo by Augusto Navarro

Customer Journey is the path your site visitors proceed from obscurity to becoming your brand ambassador. In between you’ll find different stages, and also different information needs per stage. A person just having realized he needs something goes online and looks for providers. Once found, he digs deeper and looks for product specifications so that … Read more

Web analytics visualizes the behavior of your customers

Web analytics by Seomphony - Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

Web analytics means the measurement, collection, reporting, and analysis of your website visitor behavior data in order to understand and optimize their visits for a better experience. You can use the findings for market research assessing and improving the effectiveness of your website and measuring the results of an advertising campaign by helping to estimate how traffic … Read more