With 15 years of experience, we can say that considering all factors, a fixed monthly price is the most suitable pricing model for most customers.

The process goes like this:

  1. Book a free consultation session with us with our contact form
  2. We listen you telling about your situation during which we quickly sketch your your current state, identify the gaps, prioritize the actions needed to close the gaps and set them ready on a kanban board
  3. We make a written agreement, I initiate continuous improvement within your budget, and report on the results once a month.

We offer two packages (VAT 0%):

  • 1 workday / 8 hours per month for 500 EUR / month
  • 2 workdays / 16 hours per month for 1000 EUR / month

We can agree on dividing the work concerning certain milestones (e.g., if you have an upcoming event for which certain results are needed). Otherwise, we’ll distribute the hours evenly throughout the month and report the results.

Why monthly pricing?

  1. The needs of your customers change: your customers may need something today, but tomorrow their needs may change due to changes in their own situation. That’s why continuous improvement needs to stay flexible, too.
  2. Your operating environment changes: a new law or regulation, an internal development project, audit results, a new competitor, or an international event changes your environment and, as we’ve noticed in recent years, does so in a day or a week.
  3. Your product or service changes, either due to the above or other reasons. All of this means that what we initially found to be effective no longer works, and development work needs to be adjusted accordingly.

So let’s discuss these in the first consulting remote session. Contact us with this form.

Looking forward to seeing how we can help you!