Hot leads

Want to maximise your sales?

Of course, and for that you need a marketing and sales machine that generates leads for you even when you yourself don’t.

Today that means a well functioning website, an interesting blog, social media and paid ads to feed in traffic, marketing automation, analytics as well as cold calling and emailing, which still have their use.

7 tools to increase your sales

Seomphony can get all of these in order so that you can enjoy receiving hot leads to your inbox and maximise your time to deal with customers.

Why care?


  1. Sales has changed: people travel most of the customer journey themselves. While they’re at it, it’s your job to provide them answers to questions, educational content and proof and reviews about your expertise.
  2. This is why every day, 5.6 billion searches are made in Google alone. Imagine if you could get an increasing share of that traffic.

Here at Seomphony it’s our job to make sure you do.


We’d first like to perform an SEO audit to Search Engine Optimize your site.

Then, let’s talk about Web analytics, your Buyer Personas, their Customer Journeys, and Keywords they are using.

You’ll then be ready for Marketing automationHot lead generationConversion Rate Optimization, and Link building.

After all this, you may want to get sophisticated with Branded content.

So book a free consulting call here to get started.

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