Seomphony - Sidebusinesses - Photo by Todd Diemer

A side business works for you

Get yourself a side business.

Why? Because nowadays there are multiple ways to set up channels that can generate you additional income, and any of us could certainly use some to fund our hobbies, for example.

There’s the initial effort (and sometimes cost) to set them up, of course, but done the right way, these Residual Income or Smart Passive Income channels can work for you 24/7 with you checking their performance only once per day or even a week.

After talking with industry experts and trying several ourselves, here’s a shortlist of what we know and what people say is working today.

Paid video

Each of us has some degree of expertise in a subject matter.

You may have gained it through education, work or life experience, does not matter.

But what matters is for you to realize that even if you think your experience or knowledge does not amount to much, there’s always someone out there, who knows even less.

And those are the ones that could benefit from what you can tell.

And while you learn more yourself, you’ll continuously get opportunities to update your offering.

You can try public speaking, of course, but the best way to reach a potentially unlimited number of potential people is through paid video i.e. online videos, webinars and online courses.

Webinars can be delivered live or you can record yourself first and then put the content behind a paywall.

Try this search for the best resources out there and do let us know if you have any questions, for example by booking a free consulting call with us through this link.

Affiliate marketing

Let’s say Sam has written a book.

He’s agreed with an online book store that the price is 100 dollars. 

If Sam or the store has an affiliate program, you can make an affiliate marketing agreement with them.

Then, you go an create a Facebook ad that advertises Sam’s book.

If Dean clicks your ad and buys a copy of Sam’s book, Sam gets 90 dollars and you get ten.

That’s affiliate marketing.

There are variants of the routine and commissions up to 100%, but what affiliate marketing basically is is you advertising someone else’s products or services to people online, and getting a commission when they buy.

You can google suitable affiliate programs with this search and if you want to know more, do book a free consulting call with us through this link, or talk with the contact that introduced this page to you.

Direct sales

Setting up an e-commerce store online gets easier every year, but unless you want to build one yourself, you can replicate your own just by registering in one or more of the so-called Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing services.

You can run this Google search, for example.

We’re testing CTFO ourselves and you can click this to get into our network.

As you can see from our blog, we´ve invested a lot of time to educate ourselves and test what works and what not.

Most alternatives out there don´t have a so-called switch-on platform that starts working for you right after registering.

But CTFO does and that´s why we are learning it by doing it – and you, too, can get it up and running in just a few minutes.

Want to know more? Go ahead and book a free consulting call with us through this link.